Japanese Premium A5 Wagyu 100g

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Japan’s A5 grade is the best quality Wagyu beef that "melts in the mouth", and its snowflake texture and milky flavor are unmatched by ordinary beef. We provide vacuum-packed "Striploin/ Sirloin cut" and "Ribeye cut", which are the two most precious and delicious parts of wagyu beef. "Striploin" is the beef's spine on both sides of the back. It belongs to the less exercise area, rich in fat, and has a soft and tender taste. "Ribeye steak" is located above the ribs. It has a large area and is rich in fat. It is the most even and rare part of fat and lean meat and has a strong fragrance. 

Purchase Notes:

A5 Japanese Wagyu is special, and each piece is different in size and weight. After vacuuming, the color will not be as bright as in the picture. Once the package is opened, the bright red color will be restored after place for a period of time.

How to buy:

Most Wagyu steak we sell are between 400g-600g. Each steak will be measured to the nearest 10g. Our listing is for median 500g and based on the availability and final steak we pick; buyer may receive a refund for overpayment or additional payment may be required. Our salesperson will contact you after the sales to confirm the any price modification is needed.

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